OEM Ballast > 9006 Adapters

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Dead Ballast: If you've got a ballast out on your Nissan, Infiniti, Acura, or Honda; buying a new OEM replacement certainly is not cheap!

Custom Setup: If you're doing a quad retrofit on a vehicle with factory HID headlights, these will allow you to run a splitter and relay harness off the factory ballast wiring without any splicing. 

No Matter What: We're asking ourselves why we didn't make these sooner! These convenient adapters allow the use of aftermarket parts in place of expensive Original-Equipment ballasts with zero cutting, splicing, or re-wiring involved. 

Quality: Made with stranded copper wire, fully sealed male and female connections, and protected with tech-flex mesh in between; these adapters should last longer than your original ballasts did! 

Compatibility: Available to fit the OE-side connector on most modern Nissan, Infiniti's, Acura's, and Hondas that use Panasonic/Matsushita Gen III or IV ballasts, or Mitsubishi Electric Gen II or III Ballasts. 


  • 2x Adapters: Matsushita/Mitsubishi > 9006 Female
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Bulbs: D2S/D2R
  • Input: Matsushita or Mitsubishi Female
  • Output: 9006 Female