Morimoto: Sealed7 BI-LED Headlights (7" Round)

  • $300.00
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About these parts: What the hell? They were just released. Well.... there's a casting flaw in the alignment teeth of the housings that weren't positioned in the mold correctly when cast. 

About that casting flaw: When you go to mount these, they're likely not going to fit without some slight modification. Morimoto perfection was not achieved, and for that reason, they're out! For this price, its an easy fix to overcome though. Jackpot! 

LED Specs: The 14-piece array of CREE XHP50 5W LED's produce 3850 lumens at 55w in low beam, and a mosquito-melting 4900 lumens on high beam at 70W! Morimoto's advanced Kuria optic projector lens array efficiently distributes all of the available light on the ground in a wide beam pattern with a proper cutoff line to avoid glaring oncoming traffic. (so all of that bright light ends up on the ground...where you need it most!)

Longevity: The LED's are properly driven with a PWM driver (pulse width modulation) to keep the intensity up but the heat down. Housed by a die-cast aluminum body that doubles as the heat-sink, so everything will stay cool even during prolonged periods of use.The front lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that have been coated with a UV resistant film that wont chip or fade over time.

Jeep Wranglers: Let's be real...80% of consumers who buy the Sealed7's will be mounting them on a new Wrangler, so they were designed with that platform in mind. With their standard H13 input socket, these are plug-n-play with no extra "flicker" harnesses or adapters needed. Our test rig Jeep JK has been wearing the last set of prototypes here in Atlanta since September 2015 with zero flickering or other common Mopar issues to date.

7" Standard: Designed to replace all 7" round / PAR56 headlights, the Sealed7 offers full low and high beam functionality.

LED DRL: What's a good set of headlights these days without an integrated LED Daytime Running Light function? The Sealed7 has a central high-power LED-DRL chip that illuminates the full optical array (but without producing actual output) in their daytime mode. Activated with a single 12V+ input on the back of the housing.


  • 7" Headlights:
    Morimoto Sealed7 Bi-LED (2x)
    DOA Only


  • Jeeps:
    2007+ Wranglers (JK)
    All 7" Round / Par 56
    H13/9008 Input
    Alignment tabs are not correct rotationally. Modification may be necessary.



  • Input Voltage: 9-36V DC
  • Rated Lifetime: 10,000 hours
  • Housing Material: Cast Aluminum / Powder coated
  • Lens Material: Treated Polycarbonate
  • Input Connection: H13 and DRL+
  • Light Source: 14x CREE XHP50 5W
          • Low Beam: 7700 Lumens / 110W (combined)
          • High Beam: 9800 Lumens / 140W (combined)
          • Kelvin Rating: 6000K (cool white)