Morimoto: HD Load Resistor

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In comparison: The Morimoto Heavy Duty Load Resistors may do the same thing as a cheap golden resistor, but they'll stay cooler, last longer, and look better doing it!

You got it!: A top notch retrofit, a set of expensive LED bulbs, etc....why skimp out on the resistors that are sometimes required to keep your car happy while running them?

Notorious: As a component that's notorious for getting extremely hot when in use, it's not only careless to use a cheaply made part, its dangerous.

Above Average: Using two cement resistors housed inside of an anodized aluminum heat-sink, sealed on both ends and then wired using thick 14 gauge wiring and high quality terminals: from end to end the Morimoto HD load resistors are worlds better than your average "golden resistor"

Optional: Available in single or double resistor configurations to provide resistance across either a ground or positive, or both simultaneously. Most application only require the single pole version.

Integrated: mounting points should be used to mount the resistor shell to a metal surface under the hood. Must be mounted out of harms way and should not touch any plastic or other wiring.


  • Resistor:
    1x Morimoto HD Load Resistor
    1 Year


  • Wattage:
    9 ohms

  • Input: 9006 Male
  • Output: Ring Terminal