Low Beam: Infiniti Q45

  • $425.00
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VIP: Their supply unpredictable, their performance astonishing, their looks unlike any other. The Infiniti Q45 Multi-Lens projectors are an all time classic in the world of retrofitting.

Unmistakable: Illuminated with a single D2S HID bulb and an advanced reflector bowl that projects light through seven individual lenses on the face of this projector gives them an unmistakably unique look.

Compliments: The actual light output from Q45 projectors is about average, nothing too special really - but there is no other projector that comes to mind that will get you more compliments than these, bottom line.

Guaranteed: We inspect each and every VIP projector to be sure it's in perfect working order and includes all necessary clips, retainers, etc. Out of the box, all you'll need is the balls to start modding, because these things are massive! (relatively speaking, of course)

Complete: Want to build a complete kit around one of these projectors? No problem! E-mail or call us today with your wish list and we'll gladly check compatibility and bundle something up for you at a discount.

    • 2x Projectors: Infiniti Q45 Low Beam
    • Warranty: Three Years 


        • Functionality: Low Beam Only
        • Traffic Pattern: LHD
        • Compatible With: 35W and 50W HID Systems
        • HID Bulb Size: D2S only
          • Lens Specs: Optically Clear Honey Comb Array
          • Max Depth: 150mm
          • Max Width: 150mm
          • Max Height: 150mm