Koito Bi-Xenon Solenoid Pigtails

  • $15.00
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Lost/Missing?: Got some Koito Bi-Xenon projectors for a steal on eBay, but missing the solenoid inputs? These OEM-Replica pigtails are a life saver! 

Direct Replacement: These are a direct fitment for the 2 pin solenoids on the back of many popular Koito projectors such as the RX350 Bixenons, G37 Sedans, and Murano Bi-xenons

Length: Pre-wired with approximately 10" of stranded 16ga white & black wire with 9006 male pins on the end.


  • 2x Pigtails: Koito Bi-xenon Solenoid Inputs
    Warranty: One Year