JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J Headlights (JEEP)

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Serious:The brand new Evo J Bi-LED headlights feature a host of upgrades that cater specifically to the Jeep JK Wrangler crowd, easily making them the best looking, best performing, easiest to install setup on the market!

Flicker-Free: Finally you can forget about extra anti-flicker modules! The Evo J has JW Speakers proprietary Anti-Flicker setup integrated into the housings with no need for any external wiring. These come pre-configured with H13 inputs for a direct plug n play install.

DRL Function: The Evo J's incorporate the long-awaited U-Shaped LED Daytime Running Light that was previously only available on Euro-spec 8700 headlights, now finally DOT approved!

Illumination: The light output from the four high power LED projectors produces a uniformly lit, very wide, and supremely bright beam pattern. Your stock headlights couldn't even come close to comparing to the amount of illumination from these.

Options: These lamps feature a "Bi-LED" function with both low beam and high beam outputs, and come with either gloss black or chrome trim bezels to suit your taste. Evo J also improves light output compared to the ever popular 8700 Evo 2 design.

Please Note: These lights are usually in-stock but move fast. Shipping times on JW Speaker products may be delayed by 2-4 days on occasion.


  • Housing:
    2x JW Speaker 8700 Evo J LED Headlights
    Lifetime Limited
    Instruction Card + JW Speaker Sticker


  • Vehicles:
    Jeep Wrangler (JK Only)
    Cross Compatible:
    2D1 "PAR56" Round Headlights


  • Body Width:
    Body Height:
    Max Depth:
    Cord Length: