JB Weld

JB Weld Epoxy

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Trusted: Customers often ask, what's the best epoxy for building my retrofit? Our answer is always the same: JB Weld! We use it, all the major professional retrofitting shops use it, you should too!

Steel Stik Putty Epoxy: JB Steel Stik is perfect for tacking your projector into place during the alignment phase of the retrofit. 

JB Kwik Weld: JB Quik Weld is the perfect final layer of epoxy to permanently set your projector in place after the Steel Stik is dried. Essentially turns the projector and original reflector into one piece.

Don't Skimp!: You will need lots and lots of epoxy - and we're not saying this just to sell more stuff, based on experience, you will need it. It's easier to add extra glue during the retrofit than to deal with a broken installation due to an insufficient amount of epoxy. We recommend 1x Steel Stik and 1x Pro Size Kwik Weld per retrofit!


  • Steel Stik:
    1x 2oz Stik
    JB Quik:
    2x 1oz Tubes
    JB Quik Pro:
    2x 5oz Tubes