Inline Radio Static / EMI Filters

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Sensitive: Electronic devices produce certain frequencies that may disturb other electronics that are sensitive to those frequencies. It doesn't matter if it's a household appliance or in an automotive application: Ferrite rings are a common way to curb these disturbances. 

Hows it work? By preventing rearward flow of all current, and thus all frequencies produced by the device being powered, they "filter" that devices ability to interfere with your vehicle's electrical system. 

Different: Ferrite rings are another common way to help reduce radio static / interference, but they only help reduce EMI that's being radiated out of a source and do nothing to reduce interference that's back-fed through wiring. If you've got major static issues and Ferrite rings haven't done anything for you - these will likely help.



  • 2x Filters:
    Inline EMI Filters
    1 year


  • Input:
    H11 Male
    H11 Female