D2S: Philips 85122

  • $85.00
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OEM Standard: Philips 85122 : The industry standard by which all other D2S bulbs are measured! Original-Equipment in many modern luxury cars, they're good enough to please anyone. 

OEM Quality: As our best selling OEM D2S bulb, the Philips D2S series offers a great mix of lumens, precision, and longevity to their output.

Longevity: The 85122 bulbs are known for retaining their intensity for years and resisting color-shifting, so they remain in a "like-new" state for longer. 

Priced Right: Compared to their dealership list price of $194/bulb, TRS offers them here for a much more reasonable $95/pair. A great deal considering their service life.

Genuine: Here at DGM, we pride ourselves on being one of the last few distributors shipping genuine Philips & Osram lamps in the US. It is estimated that 80% of these bulbs sold through outlets such as eBay or Amazon are fakes.


  • 2x Bulbs: Philips 85122
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Misc: Alcohol pads (to clean bulbs before use)


    • Bulb Size: D2S
    • Lifespan: 2500 Hours
    • Wattage: 35W and 55W
        • 4300K: Warm White (~3200 lm)


        • Headlights: D2S Only (Acura, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, etc)
        • Not Sure? 
        • Osram: 66040 / 66240
        • Philips:85122 / 85122+ / 85122C1 / 85122WX
        • BMW:63 21 7 160 806 / 63217160806
        • Audi:N 104 457 01 / N10445701
        • Lexus:909812002
        • Mercedes-Benz:910139-000001 / 910139000001