D2S: Matsushita OEM HID System

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HID Snobs: Take notice. The Denso based HID system comes standard with some of the most renowned OEM parts on the market. With options from Denso, Philips, Osram, Matsushita and Morimoto, this is the "Rolls Royce" of D2S HID systems.

Standard: 4300K Philips 85122 D2S bulbs are renowned as the industry standard for high quality in all regards. With a long life of 2500 hours, high lumen count of 3200lu, and unbeatable precision, there isn't anything to critique. The Osram CBI and Nightbreaker bulbs are an optional upgrade for those who spare no expense for the best of the best.

Original Equipment: Ballasts from renowned Japanese manufactures Denso and Matsushita are trusted by Toyota, Lexus, Nissan and Infiniti as original-equipment on their modern cars. With practically instantaneous warm-up time and unflappable reliability - These have been considered the no-nonsense ballast benchmarks for ten years now.

Wiring: The Morimoto HD Relay Harness features an all-new completely sealed double 40A Relays, 14 gauge stranded copper wire wrapped in durable black tech-flex mesh that looks like a factory harness once installed. No cutting or splicing here: there are only five connections and they're all plug-n-play.


  • 2x Ballasts:
    Matsushita Gen V
    2x Bulbs:
    D2S HID
    1x Harness:
    HD Relay
    Two Years



  • Input: DC 9-32V
  • Output: AC 85V 35W
  • Max Voltage: 25KV (at start-up)
  • Rated Lifetime:2000 Hours

  • Philips 85122: Warm White (4300K/3200lu)
  • Osram Nightbreaker: Warm White (4200K/3600lu)
  • Osram CBI: Cool White (5000K/3400lu)
  • Other Options: See Bulb Listings Directly