Bi-Xenon: Morimoto FX-R 3.0

  • $110.00
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Legendary: The FX-R 3.0 is a retrofitters delight with its high precision castings, advanced optics, and available 2.5 and 3" clear lens. It all adds up to put the Morimoto FX-R 3.0 near the top of the lighting totem poll. If you've got the balls to cut up your headlights in order to retrofit them, you won't be let down.

Well-Rounded: When you consider a full size projector on the basis of light output, out of the box readiness, fitment in most applications, and value; the FX-R easily takes the cake.

Installation Summary: Park car, mark stock beam-height on wall, disassemble headlight, cut original reflector to fit projector in place, re-mount modified headlights without lens cover, illuminate projector, then tack it into place using the reference height/level using epoxy gum. 

Performance Highlights: More light! With a pre-installed clear lens and DOT stepped cutoff shield that's been tuned in-house, the FX-R 3.0 is a stand out. Their advanced internal optics create a wide beam pattern with a uniform distribution of light that cuts through darkness like a laser. They have one of the straightest, sharpest, and most vibrantly colored cutoff lines of any projector in existence and a high beam that will penetrate for hundreds of yards.


  • 2x Projectors:
    Morimoto FX-R 3.0 Bi-Xenon
    2x Inputs:
    9006 Male Sockets
    Three Years 
    TRS/Morimoto Decal


  • Functionality:
    Low and High Beam (Bi-xenon)
    Traffic Patterns:
    LHD and RHD
    Compatible With:
    35W and 50W HID Systems

  • Lens Diameter:2.5" or 3"
    Max Depth:
    (2.5") = 140mm (3") = 155mm
    Max Width:
    Max Height:
  • Lens Diameter: 3"
  • Lens Shape: Round
  • Size: Large