About us



DropGearz Motorsports is a Texas ecommerce based company with ties rooted deep into the automotive world. With its owners being automotive junkies so to speak, the company has been gradually growing and dropping its "its just a car club" vibe and moving into a more professional atmosphere.

DropGearz Motorsports began as DropGearz Racing in late 2006 as a car club compiled of just friends. After a merger that inevitably failed, the club was taken over by current co-owner and co-founder David Windsor who appointed current co-owner and co-founder Bradley Cohron as the VP. The two have worked hard together to not only build a car club, but they've worked to develop a company that benefits the members of their organization. With the audition of Charles Vongvichai to the car club/ company, DropGearz continues to grow larger day by day. DGM now has an international reach that spread to Canada, Thailand, Singapore and a few other nations. DropGearz Motorsports the car club has members in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Michigan, and California. 

DropGearz is dedicated to improving the automotive culture by providing more than just quality products and service. DropGearz participates in sponsoring and/or organizing car meets/shows for the local community as well as contributing to charities ranging from food for the homeless to various cancers/sicknesses in desperate need of funding to find a cure. DGM plans to continue this tradition as our company grows each and everyday.

DropGearz is an ecommerce website carrying products such as HID lighting, automotive accessories, and gearhead clothing. As time goes, more and more products will be added to the website such as full automotive performance parts and other various accessories. DGM will be moving into a physical location in the near future so stay tuned!