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ALL COLORS MATTER: Everybody's light bar can produce white light, but can it do this? Didn't think so! Let's face it, light bars look badass on a bigass truck...and it's about style as much as it is bright light. Profile recognized that, and built the RGBAR for the guy who wants to see where he's going in the middle of the woods, and wants to be seen in the middle of the city. What we see? A rock solid light bar that's reasonably priced, well-made, and looks the business.

PERSONALITY: Rock it in Red. Go Green. Blast em with Blue. Pretty in Pink. Whatever you feel like...that's the beauty of Profile's RGBAR. The integrated color-changing backlighting is bright, and easy to control with something like the optional Morimoto XBT Bluetooth Controller.

IDENTITY: Distinct design separates itself (and your truck) from the pack with it's low profile geometry, blacked out bash guard, ang rising sun side caps. Make no mistake, this is a product from our friends at Profile Performance (AKA the LED-focused division of Morimoto)

OPTICS: Using a total of 12 powerful Philips 3W LEDs for a combined 36W and projector optics, you'll be rewarded with plenty of bright light to blow away any high beam at night. Are these as bright as something like the Diode Stage Series we also offer? In our testing: not quite, but they're also more affordable and offer features the Diode doesn't.

RELIABLE: The Profile bar is as burley as it gets. IP67 waterproof, extruded aluminum shell keeps the internal gear well-protected and the moisture out. The thermally optimized heat sink radiates plenty of heat and keeps the system cool. The bash-proof PC lens can take a hit. It will take care of itself, you just keep moving.

  • LIGHT BAR: 1x Profile RGBAR 42"
  • BRACKETS: 2x Powdercoated L Mounts
  • HARDWARE: Hex mounting screws w/ key
  • WIRING: DT06 Male 12V +/- Input
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • SWAG: Profile Decal
  • MOUNTING LOCATIONS: Bumper, Bash Guards, Roof Rack, A-Pillar Mounts, etc
  • BRACKET KITS: Works with all designed for Rigid brand
  • RGB CONTROLLERS: All 4-Pin RGB (Morimoto XBT Recommended)
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1066.8mm / 42"
  • OVERALL HEIGHT: 46.0mm / 1.8"
  • OVERALL DEPTH: 82.0mm / 3.2"
  • INPUT: 10-30V
  • POWER: 36W
  • LED: Philips 3W
  • KELVIN: 6000K
  • BEAM PATTERN: Combination (spot/flood)
  • SHELL: Extruded AL / Powdercoated
  • WORKING TEMP: -40C to +85C