Xenon Lighting System

880/881: Xenon Lighting System HID

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Value for Money:  Need an HID bulb that won't break the bank? The Xenon Light System HID bulbs provide near OEM HID quality at a fraction of the cost of their competition.

HID Bulbs: The XLS kit features UV cut Quartz glass made with advanced German tech to provide renowned output out of a bulb that cost less than half of what its competition does. High quality salts are used within the bulb to produce a very bright luminous output that will put to shame any halogen system. The bulbs are made to spec by XLS and focus rather well in most housings.

Output: The XLS bulbs range in output from 2200 Lumens (8000K) up to 3000 Lumens (4300K). The lower the kelvin temperature, the brighter the bulbs output. With the 4300K coming in at an OEM output (soft white), the 5000K as a Pure White, the 6000K as a Diamond White (hint of blue) and the 8000K as a light blue. These bulbs will definitely outshine most of the products on the market and will retain their output and color over time at a very minimal loss.

Longevity: On average the XLS HID Bulbs tend to have a life span of 2500 hours on 35w ballast and 2000-2300 Hours on 55w ballast. Thats right, these bulbs are design to operate on both 35w and 55w ballast thanks to their German tech design. The more powerful ballast however also tends to wash out the color a bit, so a 6000K bulb will appear closer to a 5000K.

Compatibility: Have an HID system with AMP connections? Then these bulbs are a sure fire fit. They are compatible with 35w and 55w bulbs, they are not compatible with any wattage over 55w.

What's Included:

  • (2) Xenon HID Bulbs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Power wire and amp connections for ballast

Kelvin Temp and Lumens:

  • 3000K: Golden Yellow (2400 Lumens)
  • 4300K: OEM Soft White (3000 Lumens)
  • 5000K: Pure White (2900 Lumens)
  • 6000K: Diamond White (2800 Lumens)
  • 8000K: Light Blue (2200 Lumens)
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